The Making of Harry Potter, Warner Bros. Studio Tour, London

20 June 2016

I'll start by saying I plan to return to London and spend a whole day at HP Studios. I have my grievances with the movies, but after years of yearning for more information, more minute details about the series, being suddenly overloaded with new information was wonderful. It was a museum where I wanted to read every panel and watch every video and stare at all the artifacts, artwork, and sets for hours on end. Given that we could only get tickets for late in the day taking in everything was not possible. But getting to at least see everything was enough for me. And nothing was more breathtaking than the model of Hogwarts. Completely enthralled with everything else, I forgot that the castle was coming and I had not expected it to be quite as large as it was. Staring at the castle, I wished that I could shrink down and walk inside. Maybe someday some billionaire will break down and build a life size Hogwarts. I'm certain it would eventually pay for itself.