A Minnesota Welcome

26 August 2016

For the first time on this trip we managed to get up and get going fairly quickly. Ironically this coensided with our shortest day of driving so far. The beginning of our drive continued through the endless fields of corn we had seen yesterday. But about halfway through our drive there was a sudden change in the landscape and we were driving through a thick green forest almost like we had entered NH. Not too long after this change we came upon a scenic pull off so of course we stopped. It turned out to be a rest stop with a short nature trail leading off to a look out over where a fire had burned everything down in 1977.

After stretching our legs on the trail we set a course for a lunch stop in Eau Claire. We both had a Gyro that was twice the size of a normal wrap and cost less than any sandwhich I've purchased in the last four years. Delicious. This spot was picked, as usual, from the many options Google showed me and we spent most of lunch discussing whether Google thinks to track which places you pick from their search results to give you better suggestions in the future or factor into their rating system.

From there it was only an hour and half to Minneapolis and mileage-wise, halfway through our trip! It seemed a little crazy that we were here already and even getting to see Sarah seemed a bit out of place being days an a time zone away from Amherst.

To finish off the day Sarah took me to the Minnesota State Fair. I knew it was going to be HUGE, but it was still wild to see it. By the way the cheese curds and s'mores beer were excellent and they sell overflowing buckets of fries and cookies by the hundreds.