The Last Stage

04 September 2016

We managed to pack in 5 or so hours of driving, making good use of the hour gained as we entered Pacific coast time, and spent the night in Spokane, WA. It was a slog but thankfully the Idaho panhandle was much more scenic than I expected. Even better when we woke up on Sunday morning, the 4th, we only had 4 hours to go to Seattle. And they were the longest 4 hours of driving on the whole trip. Until, by Thorin! we arrived at our equivalent of the Lonely Mountain (Ranier) which we could not see. And soon after we crossed a bridge taking us by the UW campus, took a few bizarre turns, and there it was, the apartment, which, until a better name is divised, I will call Debbie and Sam's new apartment.

We made it.

3640.9 miles right to the parking space at the apartment. And after 14 days the car was mercifully unloaded. Only the first labor in many to come.