How should sports tracking technologies be designed for and used by college sports teams?

As college teams are increasingly tracking and analyzing athlete biometric data using wearable technology, it is time to shift discussion from how this data could be used to how these data should be used. What data should and shouldn't be collected? Who should have access to and control over these data?

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When pushed to his limit, Pat looks for a way to hack his in-eye tracker to take back control over his wellbeing.

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See how the day in the life of two similar student-athletes differ based on how many data streams their teams collect.

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Anne must decide whether or not to share her tracking data with her coach when her lack of sleep due affects her performance.

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About this project

We are a group of researchers, designers, and student-athletes at the University of Washington. For this project we developed three concepts to explore our preferred futures for sports technology design and use on college teams. Each concept is played out in a video that envisions what a future scenario might look like for use of a near-future technology by college athletes and coaches.

If you are a current or former student-athlete, a college coach or other staff member at a university athletics department, or a designer of sports technology, you are eligible to participate in our study where we will discuss the ideas in these videos.

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